If you’re feeling as if you’ve lost your way in life I can’t recommend Nicola highly enough. She is kind, gentle, knowledgeable and practical, and I still can’t quite believe what a change has come about in five sessions. I’m calmer, more focused, happier and best of all I’m sleeping better. Thank you! Jude


I’d got into the pattern  of drinking wine most evenings and feeling rubbish the next day. Although it was great to relax in the evenings with a glass of wine, it was making me more anxious and I know I would have been doing more things that were good for me if I hadn’t been drinking. After about 4 or 5 hypnotherapy sessions with Nicola, I actually didn’t feel the need for it anymore. Something changed, and I feel better than I have done for years.


I worked with Nicola over 8 sessions. From the very first session, I felt very relaxed in her presence and was able to talk honestly about how I was feeling. The sessions and some follow up tasks to do in-between made a massive impact to my life and have left me feeling more in control of my thoughts and more aware of how to protect my feelings in situations of stress or anxiety. I would thoroughly recommend working with Nicola


I was so anxious and stressed, I really never thought things could turn around so dramatically for me. The first session I really understood my anxiety for the first time. A few weeks in I started to feel very different. Ther anxiety just wasn’t there. It is an amazing thing to experience and I would recommend Nicola to anyone who is feeling anxious, lost or down.


I’ve been through a significant change these past few months and that’s in large part down to you Nicola. Thank you for being so wonderful to me when I felt my most vulnerable (something I struggle with) and helping me to to find peace and strength with my life’s biggest challenges. I feel like I can take it all on now.