Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a highly effective therapy that works on a neurological level. We do not go over past painful memories, instead we focus on moving you towards your preferred future. We can let go of what has happened to us in the past, without going over or analysing the events themselves. We can process difficult memories very gently through hypnosis, greatly improve and often resolve the associated stress, and strengthen new neural pathways in the brain.

When stress builds up, there is a part of the brain called the primitive brain that becomes more active.  It is also known as the limbic system and it has not been updated since caveman days! Its job is to look out for danger but it is not as flexible or intellectual as other parts of the brain, so it sees everything as a threat. Even a difficult email has the potential to make our primitive brain react as if it were facing a predator. It responds with anxiety, low mood, and patterns of behaviour that are not always helpful to us in everyday life.

By relaxing the mind through hypnosis, we can access the subconscious state of mind. Relaxing the mind helps the hyper vigilant nature of the primitive brain to calm down. Hypnosis slows down brain waves and through positive suggestions it helps to strengthen what we call the left pre-frontal cortex. This is a part of the brain that does not do anxiety and low mood and does not get caught up in negative patterns of behaviour. It is the positive, logical and rational part of the brain. It can weigh up any situation that life has to offer and will come up with solutions. When we activate this part of the brain through weekly hypnotherapy session, it strengthens.

We do have neuroplasticity in the brain which means we can rewire negative patterns of thoughts and behaviour.