REM Sleep, Our Free Overnight Therapy


You know that phrase “things will look better in the morning?” and they usually do?

That’s because our REM sleep is natural therapy. It is the part of our night’s sleep where we dream. Our brain goes over the stresses of the day and they are physically shifted from the emotional part of our brain to the rational part of the brain.

When our sleep is affected by stress and we wake up at 3am with a head full of worries, that’s because the brain is working too hard to try to diffuse the stress.

REM is hard work for your brain and it cannot deal with too many stresses at once. This becomes a vicious cycle. Disrupted sleep means less opportunity for REM and less chance to process emotional events, leading to us being more negative and more stressed.

Hypnosis replicates REM and while you are relaxing back, letting your mind drift and dream, it is processing the stresses of your life. Over time and with repetitions (the subconscious mind likes repetition), this gives you control over the things that felt unmanageable before, you ruminate less on worries and then you start to sleep better.

Now your REM can to work as it should. Natural, overnight, free therapy given a jump start by hypnotherapy.