REM Sleep, Our Free Overnight Therapy


You know that phrase “things will look better in the morning?” and they usually do?

That’s because our REM sleep is natural therapy. It is the part of our night’s sleep where we dream. Our brain goes over the stresses of the day and they are physically shifted from the emotional part of our brain to the rational part of the brain.

When our sleep is affected by stress and we wake up at 3am with a head full of worries, that’s because the brain is working too hard to try to diffuse the stress.

REM is hard work for your brain and it cannot deal with too many stresses at once. This becomes a vicious cycle. Disrupted sleep means less opportunity for REM and less chance to process emotional events, leading to us being more negative and more stressed.

Hypnosis replicates REM and while you are relaxing back, letting your mind drift and dream, it is processing the stresses of your life. Over time and with repetitions (the subconscious mind likes repetition), this gives you control over the things that felt unmanageable before, you ruminate less on worries and then you start to sleep better.

Now your REM can to work as it should. Natural, overnight, free therapy given a jump start by hypnotherapy.

Teenager’s Mental health – where do we go next?

Helping our young people

After the success I have recently had working with teenagers suffering from anxiety and low mood, I thought I should write a blog for parents who have no idea where to go next, that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can massively help. As a Mum who has been waiting on CAMHS support, for almost 2 years, I know there is a huge lack of support for our young people. There are so many families struggling and services are stretches beyond capacity.
I worked as a speech and language therapist for 14 years before leaving the NHS to work more flexibly around my family.
I have lots of experience working with teenagers as a speech therapist and have a good awareness and knowledge of how autism, (which is especially misunderstood in girls) and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia can be very damaging to our young people’s self esteem, confidence in school, their self worth and the way they function day to day.
The thing about solution focused therapy and why it is so appealing for teenagers as that they don’t actually have to talk about their problems or feelings. What the latest evidence in neuroscience tells us is that we can process trauma, difficult feelings and experiences without going over them. We focus on the good things, the next steps and use hypnosis to help the changes to happen.
The difference in these young people has been so profound, they themselves have said it has completely changed the way they feel about life, in a relatively short space of time (8-12 weeks). Their families have been so relieved and have said they are much happier and coping so well.
I have helped these teenagers really understand anxiety, depression and anger, and how to monitor and look after their mental health long term. Once they are feeling free from these debilitating feelings, life will still bring ups and downs. The downs however will be less severe as they understand now how the brain works in terms of anxiety, low mood and anger. These feelings will be so much easier to get on top of once they have received a block of solution focused hypnotherapy.
We use measured outcomes and as you can see from the graphs, these teenager’s mental health scores soared over such a short time period. (Each point on the graph is one week later).  See FB post:
I was so proud to see the change in them week on week. They are now discharged and are unlikely to need more therapy. Once the neural re-hardwiring is done. It has a lasting effect.
You can find out more about Nicola and about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy at:

Hypnotherapy at Mulberry House


Mulberry House Edinburgh Hypnotherapy

I’m beyond delighted to be starting to work very soon from the beautiful Mulberry House on Manor Place in Edinburgh. I will be working from a lovely tranquil room in this holistic wellbeing centre every Tuesday from 26th April.

This is where my journey with hypnosis began 11 years ago this month. I attended a Hypnobirthing course at Mulberry House, pregnant with my first baby. I loved learning in this gorgeous space and so it holds such wonderful happy memories for me. It is what inspired me to go on to teach Hypnobirthing and then train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Funny how things often come around full circle!

Solution focused therapy can help with many different conditions, some of which I have listed below. It is not an exhaustive list so if your condition is not listed, please contact me and ask as I may still be able to help.

  • Anxiety and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Low Mood
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia & Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Weight loss and Management
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sports Performance
  • Work Performance

Hypnosis or trance is an immensely powerful yet natural state of relaxation. It is a soothing and calm process that helps you to use your brain in a fundamentally different way in terms of what you want to achieve.  Hypnotherapy helps you to understand the potential you have to make the changes that you want. It resolves long standing issues and feelings that have held you back. It breaks established patterns of thought and behaviour, and has a wonderful ripple effect on many aspects of your life.

If you are interested in booking a Hypnotherapy appointment at Mulberry House, you can either contact me or call the reception on 0131 225 2012, from 9-2pm weekdays and the wonderful Fiona will schedule you in. For more information on Mulberry House please visit www. mulberry

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can transform your life in a few short weeks.